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From the Desk of Joshua Benton, Managing Editor, Fleet Street Publications
At Last! Trading Made Simple!

“Use this breakthrough strategy to make 18%, 38% even 60% returns every 7-21 days… whether the Stock Market goes up OR down”
Do you find this hard to believe? So did I when I
first heard about it.

But once I saw how much ordinary investors were making…

Dear Fellow Investor,
The Stock Market’s been through some rough times over the last year.
Chances are your own portfolio may have suffered too.
But the news I’m able to bring you today will banish completely any heartache you may still feel over last year’s misfortunes.

“A simple strategy that triples the profits you’d normally make on the Stock Market – but without having to buy a single share!

Let me tell you up front, this strategy concerns the exciting, quick-profit world of CFDs.
But please, don’t let the ‘CFD’ word scare you off. You could be cheating yourself out of what will be one of the best profit opportunities of 2018. This is a perfect time for you to experience the explosive rewards from CFDs… without the risk.
Whether you’re completely new to CFDs or if you’ve traded in the past – you’ve never seen anything like this before. What’s more,

“You’re one of a few investors in the country to gain access to this unique and powerful secret”

And I’m extremely excited to bring you this system right now. Because, while the Stock Market may seem to be ticking up, one thing is certain – a state of volatility continues.
Which is FANTASTIC news for you! The step-by- step method I’m about to reveal is a proven wealth-building system that thrives on a volatile market.
And here’s the best bit… Not only am I finally able to tell you exactly HOW you can turn a 15% yearly return into a 60% profit in under a month, but…
“I’ve also secured a free copy of my strategy for you to PROVE it for yourself – without risking a cent!”
Now, I’ve spent a good deal of time and energy refining this system for your immediate profit. So, I’ll calm down for a second and explain how you can start taking advantage straight away…
Think of your favourite share at the moment. (Come on, there has to be at least one! If not, think of any share that you’ve bought.) Go ahead, get it in your mind. If that share increases in value by, for example, 25% over the next year, you make a 25% profit. Not a bad little return by any standards...
“But with this method you can double and triple your money on this exact same favourite share of yours… in less than 30 days
That kind of speedy return on investment deserves your attention, don’t you think?
Now, I mentioned that this unique system concerns CFDs. NOT the complex, precarious form of investment you may have heard about… but CFDs done an easy, proven way.
In fact, to multiply your returns using this system you need only a rudimentary knowledge of the Stock Market at best.
You’re not silly, though… I’m sure you suspect that the quicker, faster gains from CFDs must come with some element of danger. And you’re right. You may have even dabbled before and experienced losses. To be honest from the outset, if you trade CFDs without a strategy you could be taking a hell of a risk.
But I’m also being honest in saying I’ve found you the most devastatingly effective, easy to grasp and fail-safe CFD strategy that I’ve ever come across.
You could be making larger, faster profits than ever before, with this proven system not just CONTROLLING your risk… but virtually eliminating it altogether. Let me explain a bit of the background…

“Trading in CFDs is simple… if you have a proven technique that removes the emotion
Most investors get into trouble when they make decisions based on emotion. Emotional investing blurs your judgement and inevitably leads to stress. Stress results in poor decision-making and, ultimately, losses – especially when dealing in the fast-moving world of CFDs.
Emotional investors lack (or choose not to follow) a clear, prudent and risk-averse strategy.
So today I’m going to show you a strategy that does the thinking for you… that navigates you effortlessly towards profitable trades and accurately assesses the risk… BEFORE you invest.
And this technique is so easy to pick up you’ll learn the basics in just a few hours.
Then you’ll be making LOW-RISK, HIGH-PROFIT trades “working” for just 10 minutes a day… starting from the very first day.
All you’ll need is a cell-phone or computer with internet and this proven method to make trades that can double and triple your usual returns in less then a month… sometimes in a matter of days. Just think how much faster you’ll be able to reach your financial goals!
Ok, before I reveal this break-through system, here’s how CFDS work to get the great results I’m talking about…
“You control the shares… without having to pay for them”
When dealing in CFDs you’re not buying shares, you’re purchasing the choice to buy or sell shares. To use the classic definition: it gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a share at a fixed price until the CFD expires.
Don’t worry if you’ve never come across CFDs before, they’re really surprisingly simple – and this strategy will take you carefully through the process, explaining all you need to know.
Dealing in CFDs means taking a view on whether a share is going to move up or down in price. But here’s the meat in the pie – with the method I’m giving you the chance to try today, you won’t have to do any thinking regarding price movements… this revolutionary system will do it for you!
But how is it possible for CFDs to multiply the profits you’d normally make from just owning the shares?
“CFDs are LEVERAGED investments… you profit by controlling VAST amounts of stock for just a couple of cents”
As a CFD buyer, you benefit from the movement in a share for just a fraction of the cost of purchasing it. This means you can make, 5, 10 even 20 times the gains achieved by share investing.
Plus, unlike spread betting and futures, you can’t lose more than the modest amount you put down. (And even that will be almost impossible to lose when using this strategy). To make sure you’re totally clear about how CFDs work, I’ll give you an example…
You’ll know that the equity investment sector had a great run between 4 October 2017 and 27 October 2017. For example, Reinet’s share price went up 4% during this period. But those who bought Reinet CFDs, would have made over 40% in 23 days!
So what would you rather do? Invest in the market and make 4% (and remember, this is only if you get in on a bull run), or invest in CFDs (which make money even in a bear market) and return over 40% in the same time?

Reinet – Shares v CFDs
  Buying 100 Buying 1000
  Reinet Shares Reinet CFDs
Initial cost R2,940 R2,940
Value if share price reaches R30.60 R3,060 R30,600
Cost of exercising option    
PROFIT R120 R1,200
RETURN 4% 40.80%

4% vs 40.80% – it's not a hard choice to make, is it?
And bear in mind, too, that even if Reinet shares do NOT reach the top – but they do rise – you can still hold onto the CFD longer and make a much higher profit than if you’d just bought the shares.
Okay, enough of the past. Who knows if the equity investments sector will have another run or not. Let’s use Reinet again, but this time in a current, forward looking example. Reinet is currently trading at R30 per share while the CFD itself is trading at R3.00.
If you expect the share to rise again (and let’s be conservative here) you can either buy the share at R30.00 a share, or buy the CFD at R3.00. If you buy 5000 CFDs, you will have the right to control 5000 Reinet shares for R15,000. That’s instead of buying 5000 shares at the current price for R150,000.
Let’s see what happens when the share has risen to R40...
As you can see, if Harmony shares rise to R40 by the end of July, and you close your trade, you make more than triple your investment for a 333% profit. And the important point to note? If you simply bought the shares, your investment and risk is the full R150,000, while your profit would only be 33%.
See the potential?
  • CFDs are inexpensive compared to shares, so you can get in and dabble with very little investment.
  • Their tremendous leverage enables you to profit from even small movements in shares – up OR down.
  • You don’t have to wait years or decades to collect enormous returns, either. In fact, most option trades yield their returns in far less than 90 days!
  • And, most importantly for you in this shaky market, the right CFDs strategy allows you to make considerable money even on falling share prices.
This means you can even use them as a form of insurance on shares you already own, dramatically reducing your losses if the price falls. There really is nothing else quite like CFDs in the world of investing!
Don’t get me wrong about buying shares, though… As you know, I firmly believe that investing in stocks is still a proven, successful and undisputed long-term strategy for accumulating wealth. But as part of a well diversified portfolio, you must include CFDs if you want fast, risk- managed trades with high profit potential. 
Especially during times of market volatility, like we’re experiencing right now.
And please remember, contrary to what many people think about CFDs – you can NEVER lose more than the amount you put down as long as you implement the stop loss or even better a guaranteed stop loss. But now I’m sure you’re wondering…
“If CFDs can really multiply your investment in such a short time… why aren’t more people involved?”
Well, as I said earlier, CFDs can be risky.
If you own shares and they fall, you lose a percentage of your capital. But if you own CFDs and a share price goes the wrong way – you can lose your whole deposit. UNLESS you eliminate your risk with a proven strategy… which is precisely why I’m writing to you today.
I’d like to introduce you to the man who has designed an amazing, straight-forward and tested strategy that allows the average investor to experience the explosive rewards of CFDs – without incurring unnecessary risk…
“One of South Africa’s top 3 CFDs traders is about to change your Stock Market fortunes forever!”
I am very fortunate to work alongside an extraordinary gentleman called Timon Rossolimos.
He’s the head trader at FSP Investment Research and has been for the past six years. He has appeared on CNBC, SABC and local radio stations and has been featured in the Business Times Newspaper and 
And is one of the top CFDs traders in South Africa… so when someone like that lets you in on his secret, you listen! 
Timon has combined the best of the best strategies with his own break-out trading system – and has come up with a unique way for you to mathematically control your risk and maximize profits safely trading in CFDs.
This revolutionary method is called a Break-out Patters. And Timon’s Trading made Simple! report, has already made a select few ordinary South Africans very rich indeed… and now YOU have the same opportunity...
“So how will Trading made Simple! help YOU safely triple your returns?”
Put simply, the strategy is designed to teach you, step by jargon-free step, how to trade share CFDs intelligently in order to systematically create a steady stream of profits. The underlying principle – HIGH returns with LOW stress.
Trading made Simple’s main objective is to integrate CFD trading into your overall investment strategy. You’ll learn how to position CFDs in your current portfolio – to make them part of your core share investments.
You’ll also master every discipline of low risk – high reward CFDs trading. When have you made enough money to exit a trade? Exactly what do you do when you place a trade and the market moves against you? How can you play it safe and still make money?

“A proven strategy that takes the ‘thinking’ out of the equation”
Trading made Simple! focuses first on identifying the shares that are on the move – the % gainers and % losers that are ripe for trading. You’ll be shown exactly how to take advantage of volatility created by greed and fear that can make you a killing. 
Once you’ve identified a ‘mover’, the strategy will help you identify a reason for the move, whether it’s an earnings surprise, a new product announcement, accounting irregularities or a takeover. This is crucial… because what action you should then take depends entirely on the reason behind the move in price.
Trading made Simple! then helps you select one of many proven strategies to tell you exactly what action to take in every possible situation. Just match up the stimulus for each movement with the strategy, fill in the blank on your strategy form and wait for the profits to roll in!
Without having to think, you’ll know precisely when to employ a “long profit break-out trade” or a “bear profit trade”, when the perfect moment is to place a “protective short” and the exact time to exit for maximum profit. And please remember, if you’re new to CFD terminology, don’t worry! Most of these ordinary South African investors hadn’t traded before, but look at them now!
“Just wanted to say "GREAT JOB" with the last 7 winning CFD trades in a row. I have followed your tips to the letter and have made a nice little gain. Keep it up. Can't wait for the next tip to be released.”
- V
" Thank you for providing an excellent service (Red Hot Storm Trader) You're a MACHINE Timon”
- C
"Timon you're a rock star. I just banked a R8,000 profit on the last long trade." 
- F.H
"Just a note of appreciation Timon, on your money management (Risk calculator)tips on the CFD's. You helped me to better understand and manage my losses by your stop loss tips and how much of my portfolio money I should risk losing."
- B.H
“Hi Timon, I just made R2,800 in 2 days on your recommendation Bravo!!!! Send more tips!!!”
- M
“My first trade gave me R35,000 excluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money” 
– V.N
“Dear Sir, Tim is an excellent trader who is cautious, methodical, dedicated and inspirational to fellow traders. He sticks to his trading plan and has excellent money management skills.It is always a pleasure interacting with him as a fellow trader. His advice is normally excellent and he is not a risk taker.”
- P.S
Looking at these results, I’m sure you can see why I’m so excited to finally be able to introduce this system in my brand-new book to friends at Fleet Street Publications – before anyone else in SA. And this system is universally effective… if you had it in front of you right now you could start profiting from it on the CFD market tomorrow.

“Your copy of Trading made Simple! is available for you to profit test for free - all I ask is that you give my Red Hot Trader Service a try for 90 days too”
This is your chance to test this stress-free, high profit trading strategy for yourself – to short-cut the learning curve and spend just 10 minutes a day using one expert’s skills to catapult YOUR profits. 
There are so many storming trading opportunities out there right now, I'm chomping at the bit to tell you about them.
And as of now, you can get in on all of them through our trader service, Red Hot Trader - which you can try risk-free.
This service is highly specialised and intended to complement your existing investment strategy.
So here's how it will work...
Whenever I spot an upcoming opportunity, I'll let you know immediately by sending you an email and SMS. I won't waste time spell-checking and making sure it looks pretty, so don't expect the bulletin to be perfectly designed. The point is to get the important information to you as soon as humanly possible.
I'll also send you a bulletin whenever it's time to get out of a share so you can limit losses and bank your profits.
And whenever I send you a trade, I'll make sure it comes with a clear explanation, so you can judge for yourself and make your own decision on how to act.
Now, even though the bulletins I send you are urgent, this doesn't mean you have to wait by your computer every minute of the day to make sure you receive them on time. But you will have to check for messages at least once a day. 
And, of course, with the SMS alerts you’ll know straight away.
What's more, you won't necessarily receive these bulletins on a regular basis - one week you might receive two or three, the next week you might get nothing, but they'll average out to about one bulletin per week. I'll just dispatch the news to you as and when it comes. It's as simple as that.
You'll be one of the first to enjoy the thrill of quick-witted trading and reap the fast 18% to 60% returns we've seen today. But you don't have to take my word for it. You can try it risk-free for 90 days when you accept this invitation to receive a free copy of my Trading Made Simple! book.

“If you aren’t convinced you will easily make profits of 18%, 38%, 60% and more… you won’t pay one cent and the matter will be over!”
I want you to be able to prove – beyond all shadow of doubt – that you’ll make the huge profits you’ve been reading about, without putting any of your own money at stake.
That’s why I want you to practice using the Trading made Simple! strategy together with Timon’s Red Hot Trader tipping service, which you’ll receive when you receive your free copy of Timon’s Trading made Simple! book.
Register today, and for the next three months, you can take full advantage of Timon’s bulletins and trading recommendations. If you're understandably cautious, you can 'paper trade' - which means you can monitor his recommendations and see how they fare, without actually investing any money.
If, during these first three months, you're not delighted with Timon’s performance and want to cancel, just let us know and you'll receive a full subscription refund, no questions asked. And if you decide to cancel any time after that, you'll receive a full, pro-rata refund for all months remaining on your subscription.
The official annual fee is set R3,700… that's just R925 per quarter! No more, no less. I'd like to think that's a small price to pay to receive winning CFD trades!
If you find that Red Hot Trader is not paying for itself within the first three months of your subscription, then let us know and we'll send you your full subscription refund. No questions, no quibbles.
Along with the profit-packed bulletins, you'll receive Timon’s special bonus Red Hot Storm Trader: Quick start trading guide.
This e-book contains all the best, personal trading tricks and tips learned through 15 years as a professional trader to get started trading CFDs.
Timon’s book and Bonus guide will be a great aid to your trading - whether you choose to continue your subscription or not. 
And being gifts, they're yours to keep no matter what you decide.
So, you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this invitation. All you have to do is accept a copy of my free book Trading made Simple! And the opportunity to try my service out over the next three months and see for yourself whether Red Hot Trader can truly bring you high-level returns, fast.
There's just one proviso - you MUST be one of the first 100 private investors to apply. I want to keep this book highly exclusive, so once I hit the 100 mark, no one else will be allowed to receive a copy. At that point all you can do is put yourself on the waiting list in the hope that a space may become free.
So stop taking my word for it. Test this amazing opportunity today.
Simply complete the secure order form below, and become one of the first SA investors to profit from this outstanding opportunity!
Best regards
Joshua Benton
Managing Editor,
FSP Investment Research
P.S. With your permission, In the next 24 hours, I’d like to send you Trading made Simple! to use in your own home for 90 days at NO RISK TO YOU. In fact, I give you my personal guarantee that: 
You will learn this incredibly powerful and profitable method well enough to apply it to your own personal investment programme within hours of receiving it… and, you won’t risk anything proving to yourself beyond all doubt that you are making these profits by following Timon’s exclusive “Red Hot Trader” service.
P.P.S: We are only releasing 100 of these fantastic digital books so get yours now!!

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